Our mission is to provide residential support and to empower women in recovery from addictions through knowledge, awareness and behavioral change, in order that they might choose to live healthy and happy lives.

Goal of McDougall House

Our goal is to help women to recognize and identify unhealthy behaviors and thought patterns and to teach them new coping mechanisms which will improve their lives.


Our philosophy encompass the following aspects:

    • Women in recovery should be treated with dignity and respect;
    • Recovery needs to be approached in a holistic manner;
    • Recovery plans need to be individualized for each woman, to address their particular needs;
    • Women can direct their own recovery process and need to be empowered to do so;
    • Women can benefit from the support and therapeutic milieu provided within a residential setting.

Our Beliefs

We believe addictions treatment and recovery:

    • Should be provided in a safe environment;
    • Should be abstinence-based;
    • Should be by mutual contract (counselor, client);
    • The success of treatment requires continued evaluation and a desire for change.

Our Core Values

The cores values of McDougall House include:

    • Structure and Quality Programming;
    • Dignity and Respect;
    • The Strength to accept Personal Responsibility;
    • Safety and Confidentiality.
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