We strongly recommend that clients contact us while they are in treatment so that we can attempt to provide a direct transition from one facility to another.

What are the admission requirements?

Clients must take the initiative to make direct contact with McDougall House through telephone as a preliminary pre-screening questionnaire will determine whether an assessment will be scheduled. All applicants must have recently completed an in-patient treatment program as the McDougall House program is abstinence based and is designed as an extension of treatment. At the time of the pre-screen, the staff may then schedule an assessment appointment. Under some circumstances the assessment may be completed over the telephone. Clients will allow approximately two hours of their time for the face to face assessment process.

How do I confirm my acceptance?

After the initial assessment is completed, the counseling team will case conference to determine if our program matches the client's needs and circumstances. The potential client must contact McDougall House at an arranged date and time to confirm whether she is accepted.

What is the intake process?

Once accepted, a client will be given a specific appointment date and time for intake.

What is the length of the program?

Individual client treatment goals will determine their length of stay.

What is the cost of the program?

The fee for service is $40.00 per day. Government assistance is often available to unemployed clients. Out of Province clients must consult with staff regarding fees for service.

Is there a required period of abstinence before I can enter the program?

A minimum of seven (7) days abstinence is required prior to completing the assessment.

What medications are allowed?

All medications must be approved prior to admission. A medication management system is in place to enhance client safety.

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