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Soundbath for McDougall House

When the holiday season has wrapped up, despite the lengthening days, we will still be in the cold dark months of winter. To soothe the soul we are offering the opportunity to gather together, create connections and grow as a community.

On January 19, McDougall House will create a gathering that will help you to ease into 2020 while contributing to our wonderful organization. Promising to be a very memorable and uniquely healing event, a live Gong Bath will be guided by local sound artist Kevin Gaudet (a.k.a. The Gongfather).

Gong Baths are a compelling opportunity to engage with sound and vibration. Participants are free to enjoy the performance from any comfortable position, whether it be laying flat or seated, and with eyes opened or closed. Using 3 beautiful feng gongs Kevin will create a stunning soundscape that quite literally vibrates every cell of the body. More and more research is emerging supporting the healing capacities of gongs (and sound baths in general). The best approach is to simply expose yourself to the experience and feel the sensations in person. Come and offer your presence for what is certain to be a beautiful gathering.

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