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Admissions & Expectations

Admission Criteria

  • Women 18 years of age and over

  • Must have recently completed an in-patient treatment program

  • Must have 7 days abstinence prior to the assessment

  • Medically stable

  • Ability to participate in all aspects of the program

  • Ability to participate in the residential environment

  • A willingness and desire for change

Pre-ScreeningClients must make direct contact with McDougall House for a preliminary pre-screening interview to determine eligibility. At the time of the pre-screen, the staff may then schedule an assessment appointment. Clients should allow approximately two hours for the face to face assessment process.
Pre-TreatmentClients currently in a treatment centre can contact McDougall House if they are looking for further long-term treatment, but must first complete their program to be considered for admission to McDougall House. The McDougall House program is abstinence-based and designed as an extension of treatment.
AcceptanceAfter the assessment is complete, the staff team will discuss the client’s case to determine if our program matches the client’s needs and circumstances. The potential client must contact McDougall House at an arranged date and time to confirm acceptance into our program.
AdmissionOnce accepted, a client will be given a specific appointment date and time for admission into the program.
Program LengthIndividual client treatment goals will determine the client's length of stay.
CostAs an Alberta resident with an Alberta Health Care Number, there is no fee to attend McDougall House. Clients can apply prior to receive Government assistance if unemployed for their own expenses. Food and linens are provided here so a client would just need to purchase her own personal items (hygiene, snacks, bus pass, etc.).
MedicationsAll medications must be approved prior to admission. A medication management system is in place to enhance client safety.
CommunicationsCell phones are permitted in the house. There is client wifi available.
SmokingSmoking is allowed outside of the house only.