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The McDougall House program is trauma-informed and designed using evidence-based best practices.

Clients are supported in their recovery through:

  • Assessment and treatment planning;
  • Individual and group counselling as well as goal setting sessions;
  • Educational workshops specifically designed for the needs of women, such as relapse prevention, communication, boundaries, budgeting, feelings/values, grief, forgiveness, etc.
  • Attending a Twelve-Step Program or other self-help program in the community;
  • Behaviour modification through knowledge, awareness and personal evaluation;
  • Participating in experiential learning and a hands-on approach to living sober.

Clients are encouraged to develop healthy relationships by acquiring skills in:

  • Identifying their feelings;
  • Identifying needs and how to meet them in a healthy manner;
  • Resolving conflict and improving communication through role-playing exercises;
  • Taking responsibility when needed and letting go of responsibility when it is not appropriate.

Clients are encouraged to develop a healthy support network in the community by:

  • Establishing support through sponsorship affiliated with a Twelve-Step program or other self-help groups;
  • Establishing ongoing counselling support through Alberta Health Services and/or other professionals;
  • Creating relationships in the community which encourage sober social and recreational activities.