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“If you come to this program you will leave feeling confident and capable in your recovery like I did. I left with a sense of ownership and pride in who I am.”

— Past Client

Is leaving the house allowed?

Yes, clients may leave the house any time outside of programming but must return by curfew.

Can I use alcohol or drugs while staying at McDougall House?

No. Use of alcohol or drugs while staying at McDougall House is strictly prohibited. Use of alcohol or drugs will result in an immediate discharge from the program.

Can I bring my child with me to stay?

No. The McDougall House program is not licensed to house children. Visitations with children must be pre-arranged with staff. All mandated supervised visits must occur outside of the house.

Can I work while in the McDougall House program?

If you are financially supported through Alberta Works, you cannot work. If you are self-paying, it may be possible as part of your case management to work outside of the programming.

What about meals?

Healthy, nutritious meals are provided and made by our in-house cook.